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Who is Overwatch

Thank you for visiting Overwatch Investigative Services. You probably have a very reasonable question that needs to be answered. That Question: Who am I hiring?


Here is your answer:


I am local veteran who has retired from the US Army. I served two active duty stints totaling 8 years before transitioning to the Army Reserve. When I retired I had more than 20 years in total and three tours overseas. I am also a life time Member at Large of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

As a civilian I have worked many jobs. Starting out as a dishwasher in a mom and pop restaurant to working as a Department of Defense Civilian as Unit Strength Manager. From driving armored trucks as a Loomis Fargo Employee to watching cameras as a security team member at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield Missouri.

My history with investigations began in 2005 when I became a Bail Bondsman. Ever since I have been interviewing clients and cosigners, generating contracts and tracking down skips and fugitives through the processes of interviewing people, following up on leads and surveillance.


Over the course of the years I have developed an extensive web of personal and professional relationships from all walks of life that gives me the ability to leverage information that might not seem not readily available to the average person.

Now, as a Licensed Private Investigator in the State of Missouri I am able to bring my experience and connections with the community to bear for you.  

Thank you for your time and interest in my company,



Eric Prothero

Overwatch Investigative Services LLC

License # 2020021841

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