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Illegal Towing and Impound


Our cars and trucks are  among our most prized possessions. When we lose them our lives are thrown into turmoil. Springfield and other cities in Missouri have very specific requirements for towing a vehicle or trailer and having it impounded. 

Some general examples of when a vehicle may be towed are as follows:


Illegally Parked*



disabled on a public street

ordered removed by the police because a violation of law

* City ordinances clearly define what it means for a vehicle to be illegally parked or abandoned.

You may believe you do not fall into one of these categories and have had your vehicle unlawfully towed. If so please call me and I'll discuss the circumstances and any available options you have in this complicated process. If needed I can gather evidence, conduct interviews and perhaps even get your vehicle out of impound for you before you incur more fees.

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