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General Surveillance

General Surveillance can be simply defined as "The close observation of a person place or thing for the purpose of gathering and reporting information."

Whether I was on missions in Iraq or staking out a fugitive’s hideout here at home I have spent countless hours observing people and places. By hiring me you will have acquired the services of an expert who has decades of experience observing, recording and reporting information.


Surveillance is a cornerstone of the Private Investigative industry and many cases require it.


Here are some examples of when surveillance could be needed:


        A parent in a separate household wondering who is around their children.


        A landlord wanting to know if a tenant is illegally subletting.


        A Neighborhood Home Owners Association wanting to confirm that residents are in compliance with community bylaws.


        An employer wanting to verify off site employees or contractors are engaged in company business.


        A perspective homeowner wanting to know the atmospherics of a neighborhood before committing to a mortgage.


…and the list goes on and on. Whatever your needs are, call me and we will co-plan a professional solution together.

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